Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators are a focal point in your household. They are the reason that your fresh fruit and meat can, not only stay cool but stay edible for a longer period. With such a responsibility on its shoulders, it is no surprise that refrigerators break down. If this problem is not rectified, your cherished food will soon be spoiled.

Though the task of repairing a refrigerator is a daunting task, some problems can be solved through a little of your elbow grease. You may have to interact with a few screws and power tools, but it is a cost-effective way to repair your refrigerator.

When you commit to your repairs, besides saving money and time, you get to avoid the hassle of finding a qualified professional who can adequately carry out those repairs.

These repairs are as simple as checking the controls, coils and other moving parts of the machine.

An easy step to prolong your refrigerator’s life is to clean the condenser coils at least once a year. An asset would be to learn how to clean the condenser coils.


Symptoms of a Broken Refrigerator


  1. Noise

The prime example of a refrigerator needing repairs is that it is noisy. Almost 30% of customers reported a noisy refrigerator. This is a sign that the fan is no longer working and this is affecting the refrigerator’s ability to cool.


  1. Failure to start

Almost 20% of customers have reported this issue. The first step, in this case, is to check the relay capacitor. Afterward, check the electronic control board and the temperature controls.


  1. Leaks

Over 25% of customers have reported this issue. This is indicative of an issue with the refrigerator gasket, which is a valve that allows for the evacuation of any excess water. It could also be an issue with the ice maker.


  1. Not producing ice

Around 6% of customers report this issue. If the ice maker is not doing making ice, then check the filter, tubes and inlet valves, which are at the back of the refrigerator. Be on the lookout for leaks and breaks


  1. Too Hot

A refrigerator is useless if it cannot keep your food cool. To allow cold air to reach the back of the refrigerator, replace the baffle, air damper and/or diffuser. 6% of customers report this issue.


  1. Lack of Water

This points to the water actuator and/or inlet valve being broken. Around 3% of customers report this issue.


  1. Freezer and Fridge Compartments Too Warm

The temperature in a refrigerator is crucial. If the temperature is rising, check the temperature sensor, evaporator, fan motor or temperature control switch.


  1. Bad Lighting

This could mean that the socket or bulb are broken and need to be changed. If the lighting is weak, then repairs are warranted. 1% of customers report this issue.


  1. Refrigerator Running for Too Long

The defrost timer and heater are responsible for the refrigerator’s temperature. They may need replacing if you notice that the refrigerator is running for too long. 1% of customers report this issue.


  1. Condensation

This may be due to a faulty gasket seal on the door. The door, as a result, may need to be re-assembled. 1% of customers report this issue.


  1. Refrigerator Too Cold

Yes, a refrigerator can be too cold! A faulty air inlet damper could be leading to excess cold air to be entering the refrigerator. The control board and temperature sensors need to be checked on. 1 % of customers report this issue.


  1. Freezer Too Cold

Even more surprising, your freezer can be too cold. This is due to a faulty thermistor or temperature sensor. Follow similar steps for fixing a refrigerator that is too cold. 1% of customers report this issue.


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