Oven Repair

Ovens are incalculably important appliances for your household. Good luck baking, reheating or cooking of any sort without it. However, in spite of all the tender love and care that you provide, they can break down. If you come to George’s Appliance Repair in Fordham, you benefit from repairs THAT VERY DAY! Here at George’s Appliance Repair. We pledge to service your oven, range or cooktop and have it back in working order immediately.


Symptoms of a Broken Oven


  1. Wrong temperature

If the oven does not maintain the same temperature whilst preheating, your first action should be to recalibrate it. All the instructions are available in your owner’s manual. If the problem is not rectified, then an expert may have to intervene.


  1. Oven Won’t Turn On

Your first attempt at a repair should be with replacing the light bulb. If this does not solve anything, then you may have to look into if the light switch, connecting wire or electronic control are in working order. However, to avoid any shocks or electric related injuries, we recommend you have one of our professionals take over.


  1. Oven Light Won’t Turn On

Similarly to the above issue, look into replacing the lightbulb first. If no changes occur, the light switch, connecting wire or electronic control should be looked at. Our professionals can also be called in to make these kinds of repairs because electric related injuries are likely.


  1. No Self-Cleaning

The self-cleaning cycle is not able to begin until the door is fully locked. If the cycle does not begin, a malfunctioning door switch could be at fault. A faulty temperature control thermostat, thermal fuse or wiring could also be at fault. Our professionals will be able to quickly solve the issue and find a long-term solution.


  1. Rust

Oven use and moisture can lead to rusting. If you notice a hole on the side of the oven, it could be rust related. Since fixing this is not the most cost-efficient option, it is best to look into replacing the entire oven. Before you make any decision, consult one of our professionals and they can guide you in the right direction.


Why Would You Choose George’s Appliance Repairs?


We hire insured and certified professionals at reasonable prices. You will be 100% satisfied with the high-quality repairs that we provide in record time. Give us a call and we will gladly help you schedule an appointment.