Ice Maker Repair

If your ice maker is having difficulties, call the professionals at George’s Appliance Repairs in Fordham. At George’s Appliance Repairs, we provide you with quality repairs and services at a reasonable price. Our technicians can repair all types of ice makers including portable and countertop ice makers, built-in and counter-top ice makers, modular ice machines and self-contained ice machines.


Symptoms of a Broken Ice Maker


  1. Temperature Too Hot

If the freezer is at a temperature above ten degrees Fahrenheit, the production of ice cubes will be difficult. Using a thermometer, you can assess the temperature yourself and adjust the temperature if it is too high. If there is no difference after waiting a few hours, call us. We will happily put you in touch with one of our professionals, who will help you in repairing it.


  1. No Ice Production

If water isn’t able to reach the ice maker due to low water pressure or a faulty inlet valve, then ice production will not occur.

The malfunctioning of a valve could be attributed to mineral deposit buildup, which inhibits adequate water flow.

Electrical issues may also be to blame. Our professionals will ensure that a long term solution is found and proper repairs are carried out.


  1. Ice is not released

This points to the makeup of the ice machine. Even if there is a small component that is malfunctioning, the whole mechanism will likely have to be replaced. Individual components of an ice maker rarely come sold separately. The silver lining is that most ice maker machines have a similar design and can be compatible with more than one model.


  1. Leakage

Leaking can be attributed to a faulty mold thermostat, ice level control board and/or ice maker switch. You can do many things yourself before calling in professional help. You can check to make sure that the ice machine is level and that the fill cup is aligned properly. Also, check the water supply for any damages. If all of these have been done and there is still leakage occurring, then contact a professional for repairs. If left untreated, the water could cause damage to your floor, walls and other surfaces.


If you need fast and dependable repairs for a good price, give us a call! Our professionals will offer a repair without stress or hassle. We are committed to saving you time, money and effort when it comes to getting ice for your home.