Freezer Repair

If your freezer is no longer performing as it should, resist the urge to run out and replace it. Instead, Invest in professional repairs, such as George’s Appliance Repairs. We will restore your freezer to its working order and make sure that your freezer stays running for years to come.


Symptoms of a Broken Freezer


  1. Too Cold


It may seem like an oxymoron, but a freezer can be too cold. Too low of a temperature may result in frost and an increased presence of ice. Now, if the freezer is cold, but the fridge itself isn’t, then a faulty defrost heater may need repairing. It may also be due to a faulty damper control assembly or a faulty evaporator fan motor.

Our professionals can test the defrost system to, not only pinpoint the issue but solve it as well.


  1. Not Cold Enough


According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a freezer’s adequate temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is above that, your food is at risk of not being preserved properly. It can lead to the growth of bacteria, which can lead to disease.

The first step would be to check the thermometer and check that the dial was not moved accidentally. Consider purchasing one if there isn’t one already in the apparatus. If the dial is in place, then consider coming to us for a proper checking.


  1. Presence of Frost


Frost is a given when it comes to freezers. However, if the frost present is excessive, there may be other issues. Several things could be responsible for this: a ripped gasket, a frozen freezer tube or even something as simple as the door being left open too long/often.


  1. Will Not Turn On


Before calling anyone, there are a few initial steps you could take if your freezer does not turn on. First of all, check to see if it is plugged in properly or if there is an electrical issue. Call an electrician if the latter is true. If the electrical charge is good, then some internal mechanisms may not be working properly. These could include the electronic control board, defrost timer or compressor.


Sometimes, even proper maintenance and care are not enough to avoid breakdowns. George’s Appliance Repairs is there for you if said breakdowns occur. Our warm and generous professionals will answer your calls and help you find solutions. With express service and guaranteed satisfaction, you will be coming back to us time and time again with all of your repairs and needs.