Brands We Repair

George’s Appliance Repair in Fairfield is committed to providing you with service of the highest quality and at a comfortable price. We service the following brands:




As one of the most globally well-known appliance brands, Frigidaire offers glossy and modern laundry and kitchen appliances. Their efficient designs are top quality at great prices. You can put your trust in George’s Appliance Repair to offer long term solutions if your Frigidaire products are malfunctioning.




Reliability is this brand’s main adjective. Going on sixty years strong, GE has released an extensive line of kitchen and laundry appliances. One of their strongest assets is that they’re easy to repair and keep up. Our professionals have the experience and the skills to service your GE products.




Whatever lifestyle you lead, LG products are designed to keep up. Their designs are fresh, new and affordable. If your LG appliances begin to show some wear and tear, George’s Appliance Repair is more than capable of repairing them.




This well-respected brand designs mostly kitchenware, particularly dishwashers. However, Bosh is not a one-trick pony. They still offer many other types of home appliances, as well as excellent customer service.




Amana’s complete focus is on home appliances that are, not only kind to your budget, but also to the environment. Despite all the positives, Amana products can break down and you can rest assured that George’s Appliance Repairs is here to help you out if that does happen.




As one of the world’s leading electronic brands, Samsung has made a name for itself as a producer of top quality home appliances. So much so that they have the widest varieties of ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Plus, because of how easy they are to repair, George’s Appliance Repair can quickly help you in that regard.




Viking produces predominantly top of the line kitchen appliances. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they have many useful and advantageous features. They are the go-too appliances of prominent chefs in the industry. George’s Appliance Repair is here to rectify any issues that may arise with your Viking products.




The Maytag brand is a branch of Whirlpool and offers constant and reliable customer support. It is one of the most common brands in Fairfield. All of their appliances come with a ten-year warranty, which speaks volumes about the quality of the products. Maytag is also known as an ambassador of affordable and high-quality kitchen appliances. Our professionals are more than capable of providing you with long term and quality repairs for your Maytag products.


These are only a few of the brands that we service at George’s Appliance Repair. Do not fear if you don’t see your appliance brands on this list. We have more than enough skills and resources on hand to help you.


Your appliance brand or the store it hails from has no bearing on whether or not George’s can repair it. We guarantee you the highest quality repairs and an enjoyable customer service experience every time.